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Looking back at a great ISPO conference 2016 in Abu Dhabi

ISPO IUG Conference 2016 Abu Dhabi
View our speaker presentations from the ISPO Conference 2016 in Abu Dhabi.

View: ISPO Conference 2016 agenda.pdf

Day 1

Presentation on how ISPO developed & its Organization

  • Captain Jan Frans van den Hoek, IUG Treasurer
  • Captain Henk van der Lugt, IUG Administrator
  • Captain Willem Bentinck, IUG Chairman

View presentation: International Standard for maritime Pilot Organizations.pdf

Presentation on Challenges of Piloting within Gulf Coast Countries

  • Moderator: Dr. Nasser Mansoori (ADPorts)
  1. Ways to maintain sound and high standards of pilotage organizations in our region (Capt. Fahem Al Zamhari, IRSHAD)
    View presentation: Ways to maintain sound and high standards of pilotage organizations in our region.pdf
  2. Ports and Pilotage: Challenges of the past and challenges tomorrow ( Capt. Maktoum Al Houqani, ADPorts )
    View presentation: Ports and Pilotage: A general dialogue.pdf
  3. Pilots in our region: Multinational environment and needs to attract locals, what to do? (Mohamed Khalaf Al Hosani, IRSHAD)
    View presentation: Multinational Environment and needs to attract locals, what to do?.pdf
  4. Balancing between the authoritarian role and operational role of the pilot. Where are the limits? (Capt. Lafi Al-Murtaji, Marine Operations Group)
    View presentation: Balancing the Pilot’s Authority & Limitations.pdf

Round table discussion on Risk Management 

Day 2

Presentation on Management review by Mr. Bruno Dockx, QSHE Manager Brabo Pilots.
View presentation: Management Review.pdf

Presentation on Satisfaction Survey for the Dutch pilot organization, by Captain Joost Mulder, Rotterdam Pilots
View presentation: Customer Satisfaction Survey.pdf

Presentation on Five years of ISPO – a Scottish perspective by Captain Keith McLean, Forth Pilots
View presentation: ISPO – five years on.pdf

Abu Dhabi thank you ispo conference
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