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ISPO International User's Group (IUG) announces the installation of a new treasurer

It is with great pleasure the board of the ISPO international user’s group (IUG) announces the installation of a new treasurer.

Captain Tjitte de Groot was appointed as treasurer of the IUG following in the footsteps of Captain Jan Frans van den Hoek. Jan Frans has been one of the founding fathers of ISPO and involved in developing the standard since 1996. We thank Jan Frans for all his efforts in the past years and wish him a well-deserved retirement in july 2017. Tjitte is a pilot in the port of Rotterdam and he is the chairman of the Rotterdam Regional pilot corporation.

The board now consists of the following persons:
  • Willem Bentinck - chairman - Amsterdam-IJmond, the Netherlands
  • Kurt Duncan - vice-chairman - Trinidad & Tobago
  • Bruno Dockx - secretary - Brabo Antwerp, Belgium
  • Tjitte de Groot - treasurer - Rotterdam-Rijnmond, the Netherlands
  • Ronny Detienne - member - Brabo Antwerp, Belgium
  • Chris Kline - member - Brisbane, Australia
  • Keith McLean - member - Forth Pilots, Scotland
  • Lafi Al Murtaji - member - Kuwait Oil Company, Mina Al- Ahmadi, Kuwait
We hope to see you next year in the port of Brisbane. Details of this event will follow in due course on this website.
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