International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations


Part A - This is the ISPO - ”standard”

This part contains mandatory provisions giving the minimum standard for full compliance with the ISPO, when adopted by the pilot organization. Exclusions are possible, but shall be subject to approval by the classification society.
Download English version: Part A - ISPO standard.pdf
Download Spanish version: Estándar Internacional para Organizaciones de Prácticos, Parte A.pdf
Download Arabic version: أ ءزجلا

Part B - ISPO Guidelines

The ISPO guidelines contain recommended guidance to assist implementation of the ISPO in a uniform manner. The measures suggested in these guidelines are not mandatory and the examples given are only intended to illustrate how certain ISPO requirements can be complied with. They should, however, be taken into account.

Download English version: 
Part B - ISPO Guidelines.pdf 

Download Spanish version: 
Directrices e información adicional del Estándar Internacional para Organizaciones de Prácticos, Parte B.pdf
Download Arabic version: ب ءزجلا

Flyer ISPO

Download: ISPO flyer 2018.pdf

Presentations ISPO conference 2018


Willem Bentinck - ISPO

Jim Huggett - Regulation

Peter Keyte - Channel Capacity

Mike Drake - ISPO Shipowner View

Michael Wall - Why ISPO

Clive Sheard - PVAS

Richard Robinson - Risk Assessment

Jonathan Beatty - Risk Management Fairways

Keith McLean - Major Projects

Ross Nicholls - Training

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