International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations

ISPO Conference 2018

Brisbane Marine Pilots Invite you to the ISPO IUG Conference – Brisbane 2018

The Conference will be held on Wednesday 17th and Thursday 18th October 2018 at the Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane, Australia.
See ISPO IUG Conference - Brisbane 2018 - Associates program.pdf (388 kb)

To Register:
Please request your free registration at ISPO2018brisbane@brisbanepilots.com.au


The venue, Stamford Plaza Hotel, Brisbane, can be booked using the following link: http://bit.ly/SPB-ISPO2018 or by calling the hotel directly and quoting ISPO2018.  

There is a discount rate for bookings made before 30th June 2018, after which time the  rates revert to the best available.  The discount applies for days between 14th October 2018  arrival and 20th October 2018 departure.  A discount for breakfast is also available when  added to the booking. There are numerous other accommodation options very close by in the city of Brisbane, if the Stamford Plaza does not suit you.


The ISPO (International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations) is a standard of best practice for pilots and pilot organizations, improving safety and quality.  Providing self-regulation and transparency in pilotage standards to all port related stakeholders.

More info? Mail us!phoneinfo@ispo-standard.com