International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations
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The ISPO (International Standard for Maritime Pilot Organizations) is a standard of best practice for pilots and pilot organizations, improving safety and quality. Providing self-regulation and transparency in pilotage standards to all port related stakeholders.

International Users Group
The responsibility for the ISPO standard lies with the International Users Group of ISPO-certified organizations (IUG).

ISPO undoubtedly contributes to a better run, quality pilotage operation that is transparent in its standards.
Keith McLean,
Senior first class pilot of Forth Pilots

ISPO is the preferred quality standard for maritime pilot organizations worldwide.

Gives stakeholders clear and transparent information regarding the quality and reliability of the service provided by maritime pilots.


ISPO at its best – Conference report

Almost 100 delegates, consisting of ISPO members, representatives of other pilotage organizations interested in ISPO certification and (maritime) stakeholders from all over the world, gathered at the atmospheric Inntel Hotel, right on the Nieuwe Maas, the central river in Rotterdam, on the 21st and 22nd of June.

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